Drexel Community Scholar Alex Leczcynski Featured in Drexel Magazine

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“Drexel’s new Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science Department offers students a more comprehensive environmental science experience, with heavy emphasis on work in the field. In that way, it’s a perfect fit for Drexel’s learn-by-doing model. It was decided early on in the development of the new department that a pre-term field experience would be offered to incoming freshmen and sophomores, as such opportunities were not available prior to the affiliation with the Academy, and the program wasted no time enacting the “early” portion of the motto. In fact, this September, just days before classes even began, three incoming freshman and seven sophomores were introduced to current field methods used by environmental scientists, worked side-by-side with their soon-to-be professors, and made new friends along the way.”

Sophomore Drexel Community Scholar Alex Leczcynski was one of the ten students selected to participate in the field experience. For the full article, click here.

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